PRODUCTS & Materials

Schmidty's Specialty Strings LLC is pleased to announce our line of micro tune adapter kits for limb driver arrow rests.

Limb Driven to the MAXX

Upgrade your stock limb driver arrow rest to experience the full micro tuning capabilities of the bow. The benefits of doing this are listed below: ArrowRestSample

  • Eliminates all fixed position cords
  • Prolongs durability of drop away cord or cable
  • Allows vertical micro tuning adjustment through twisting or untwisting the string
  • Gives the ability to match your SSStrings (or other manufactuer's strings) to customize the experience
The new micro tune adapter kit will be available for any limb driver arrow rest.   Kits will be available in both stainless, or black oxide finishes to suit you needs.

Ordering Information

  • Depending on the style of your rest, we will need one very simple measurement, and the process is complete!  Click here for measuring instructions.
  • We will need to know what model rest you have, original or pro
  • We will also need to know if you would like a black or stainless hardware kit


This new drop away kit will include a new, more efficient, no wear attachment to the arrow rest itself, along with a customized string or Split cable to match your set up, for $12 shipped to your door. For an extra two dollars we will include a black or clear ultra jax's II, installed to dampen the bows set up.

Material Choices and General Information

Our strings are created under a full tension process where every step of manufacturing occurs under pressure before, during and after creation.

We stock all makes and colors of BCY material.  452x is standard on most strings and cables as it is the preferred material for target archers and hunters alike because it has no creep and outstanding stability.

8125 is another common selection of string material.  This material has a higher percentage of Dyneema making it lighter and faster with low creep.  For most new recurves and crossbows, Dynaflight 97 is recommended for its strength and durability.  Older recurves and teardrop style bows require a string that has a little give involved, B500 will work well for these applications.

Strand count may vary from bow to bow.  Strings and cable will be constructed in numbers divisible by four (16, 20, 24...).  SSStrings works with our customers to create and deliver a string manufactured to each individual’s needs.

End Serving

We also stock all types of BCYs serving material.  Standard 3D .017 end serving is most common but may vary depending on the application.   Halo serving is recommended for applications that require more durability (For example, cable ends).  Halo is also commonly recommended for center serving due to its slick texture.  2X end servings are advised with roller guard bows to reduce friction and increase speed, and it also has a smaller diameter overall.

Center Serving

Center servings are graded on gripping ability. #62 is most common; 62xs is an upgrade in durability and has higher grip potential; Halo center serving is recommend for finger shooters who like to slide off the string, not recommended for release shooters.

BCY String Colors